Tumblr 101

Today’s generation is surrounded by web domains and social media sites, many used for connection and spreading individual thoughts and feelings to others. Facebook and Twitter are two large social media sites that I, personally, am familiar with. Tumblr is another social media site that I have heard expresses an alternative route to showcasing thoughts and ideas.

Before I dive into an unknown social media site I decided to collect some information on what Tumblr “is”. According to WordPress blogger Adam Rifkin, the “blogging” site has become popular because it is the “anti-blog”. He describes Tumblr as the best way for people who do not want to be noticed to spread their creativity (Rifkin, 2013).

Through my research and series of blog posts I will be exploring the Tumblr site as a new user and sort of “critic” for this platform and compare it to what I have learned throughout the Fall Semester in Communication 335. Things like Tumblr’s privacy settings, how the site is organized, who owns the site and most importantly, what the Tumblr platform is, is what I will be focusing on. Not only will I be writing my own perspective on Tumblr, but I will also have research from scholarly articles, class readings and other sources to ad to each of my postings.

This blog will be dedicated to my findings of the Tumblr site and using the information from this social media site to further explain certain terms from readings in Communication 335. I may have some compare and contrast ideas with other social media sites and Tumblr. Once my findings are completed, I will conclude my blog with and overall dissection and conclusion of Tumblr… Also a works cited page to showcase any outside information I bring to the blog!



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